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Stable Online
Hello, if you are looking for stable and enjoyable server you found your home. Our server is stable and everyday has more than 1000 players online!
06 February, 2020
L2Extreme Opening
Hello dear Lineage2 community, We would like to introduce you the most complete pvp server of 2020 that is coming back! Opening Date: 2020/01/31 at 20:00 GMT+2 (Europe), 15:00 GMT -3 (America). What awaits you in the server? Largest international high rate community (expecting 1000+ players online). Best bot protection - no corruption - 100% fair gameplay. DDos protection guarantee for us 100% uptime. Many international clans (server cp/clan based)
27 January, 2020
Register Clan on forum and win 100$
Register your clan/cp on forum and get free 8 clan level with full skills. Clan that takes Aden Castle will get 100$ (paypal), same for Rune Castle. In total 200$ reward for clans :)
23 November, 2019

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