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  1. Please download new v15 patch to see all updates Server Updates: - Max Enchantment increased to +20 with extreme scrolls - Added blessed jewels (upgradable from epic jewels) - Added blessed jewels drop into epic bosses - Ability to upgrade Titanium to Dynasty Armors - To upgrade items you will require new material "Fragment" - Fragments are buyable at shop with gold bars, tournaments, event medals, vote coins. - Also Fragments are obtainable from raid bosses and party zone monsters. - 2x Increased Adena drop at solo farm zones and party zone.
  2. Clan that takes Aden Castle will get €100 (paypal), same for Rune Castle. In total €100 rewards for clans Write Under This Posts announcing the following: - Clan's name - Leader's name - Expected member's count Requirements of winning our prizes: - 9+ unique members (will be checked) - Clans cannot be duplicated Reward: - 8 Clan Level - Full clan skill Write Under This Posts Your Clan Name and your Members
  3. Congratulations event winners: 1st place FckOFF clan (Greece), 2nd place BossySide clan (Lithuania), 3th place easykatka clan (Brazil)
  4. This season again we would like to announce 9x9 tournament event which will take place on 2021.01.24 20:00 (next day after opening) Winners will split 200€: 1st place 100€, 2nd place 70€, 3th place 30€ Rules: No custom item, no augments, no hero, max enchant +12 (only S-Grade retail, no custom shields, no accessories) Every party which would like to participate must contact us via facebook page or discord PM.
  5. List will be updated everyday. - Added auction house (you can sell / buy equipment for donate coins) you will be able to find it at community board - Life Stones will work like scrolls, double click and select weapon you wish to augment - Fixed bow attack range (now retail like) - Fixed tyrant totem skills (now it adds effects only with fists) - Fixed Mystic Immunity skill - Fixed bug with using macro and getting stuck on olympiad - Fixed bug with removing main armor on class change - Fixed Day of Doom skill - Fixed when you are invulnerable you can't get debuffs/cancels - Augment skills bonus on olympiad will be same as outsite (it was static) - Restricted Heroic Miracle from tournament event - Will be added limit on bosses/epics of parties (still can't decide yet for set limit 2 or 3 parties) - Max alliences only 1 (for crest) - Max clan members 40 (not sure about this too yet) - Implemented interface with damage on screen and showing enemies HP/CP - Changed Deathmach event zone cause of critical errors| - Day of Doom applies only on enemies, and not cleansable anymore - To use mass gloom you don't need summon - Purification Field casting reduced to 1 sec - Removing bow with snipe removes buff - Cancellation return buff after 20sec Will be updated
  6. This season will be diffrent from others, server will be improved, updated with new features. There will be much more fun. Expecting over 2000+ real players online! Opening Date: 2021/01/23 at 20:00 GMT+2 (Europe) , 14:00 UTC-3 (America) What awaits you in the server? Largest international high rate community (expecting 2000+ players online) Best bot protection - no corruption - 100% fair gameplay Dos protection guarantee for us 100% uptime any international clans (server cp/clan based)
  7. Many asking this question, I will answer for everyone here. Epic jewels are allowed (for the resists) everyone who wants to participate in event must farm epic jewels and enchant all their items till +12. Dusk and Zombie shields are not allowed, only A-S-Grade retail items.
  8. Hello our dear community, we would like to announce 9x9 tournament event which will take place on 2020.11.08 20:00 (next day after opening) Winners will split 200€: 1st place 100€, 2nd place 70€, 3th place 30€ Rules: No custom item, no augments, no hero, max enchant +12 (only S-Grade retail, no custom shields, no accessories) Every party which would like to participate must contact us via facebook page or discord PM.
  9. Max players - 18 (2 partys) per one clan/ally Respawn Time: Queen Ant - Daily 19:30 Zaken - Daily 21:30 Baium - 2 Days 20:30 Antharas - 2 Days 22:30 Valakas - 3 Days 23:30 Drops: - Extreme scrolls - Top LS / Bogs - Donate Coin - 2x Titanium armor parts (100%) - 1x Dynasty armor part (100%) - 1x Extreme Draconic Bow (Crt. Slow) or 1x Extreme Arcana Mace (Acumen) 100%
  10. - Limited players in Raids/Epics/Party zones - Max 18 (2 partys) per clan/ally - Added tournament 1x1 (now there will be 1x1 / 5x5 / 9x9) - Increased Tournament Rewards - Decreased Accessories lv 1 and lv 2 Prices - Removed same clan restriction from tournament, added pvp kills check (50 pvp required for register) - New Skins system, for use skins will be required "Skins Token" which will be buyable for Tournament Points or Donatable. - Party Farm event will be back, duration 90mins. Drops during event: Donate Coins, Top LS, Bogs, Ex Scrolls. Non event time mobs wont be deleted, but they will drop only Adena. - Removed DC / LS drop from newbie zone. - Restricted all heal skills from TvT / CTF events, removed raid boss event, changed TvT zone. - Decreased Epic Jewels prices in shop. - Titanium Armors added into shop (prices 400kk Adena and 20 Event Medals for each part) - Decreased Vote Buff price (now 2vc) - Raids / Epic Bosses will drop items on ground, 45sec drop protection for drop owners. - Added more teleport spots for epics. - Decreased archers damage by 10%, setted max damage caps for all skills and normal damages. To-do olympiad skills balance improvement
  11. We will continue this event, so all streamers must contact us.
  12. New Patch

    New updated patch v10 has been uploaded. Everyone need to download it in order to connect to server.
  13. Updates

    New anti-bot protection which 100% blocks paid adrenaline version Improved economy to increase server durability
  14. Updates: Dynasty armors added into normal raid bosses with 10% chance of drop Increased raid bosses respawn time to 30-60 min Added new Tattoo which combines all tattooes stats into one and +1k HP (price 10k Event Medals, 40 Gold Bars) Party Zone now opens everyday 10:00, 13:00, 17:00, 21:00, 01:00 for 2 hours Removed Cholera buff from buffer Oly Stuff: Summon Nightshade are now enchantable Increased sacrifice skill enchanted power Fixed summon life cubic bug Fixed drain hp from meele damage Increased Elemental Heal enchanted power Reworked all summons stats More things will be done, list will be updated
  15. New bot protection which detects and automatically jail all adrenaline users. Say goodbye to botters Decreased raids respawn time. Party zone opened 24/7
  16. Bug Fixes: Reworked Movement and Attacking systems. Fixed disconnects on mass pvp, (f1 hold problem) Fixed auto attack stop bug Fixed Heal Life Cubic Fixed siege skills are added on subclass change (dont need to restart) Fixed Tournament 3x3 Event stuck Changes / Updates: Max allowed Bishops in party - 2 Added Grand Bosses (Queen Ant, Baium, Zaken, Antharas, Valakas) Grand Bosses drop: 1 Dynasty Armor part 100% Pvp Zone now changing every 1 hour Added PvP Coins Extreme Scrolls from shop now requires PvP Coins Added +100 pDef/mDef accessories, price - Pvp Coins/ Event Medals/ Adena Vote Buff now adds only +1k HP Extreme Accessories now adds +200 pDef/mDef, +1k HP Removed crystall scrolls from donate shop Hero from donate shop 2 weeks - 40dc For ever - 80dc Removed Conversion SA weapon Extreme Weapons & Apella armors will be added into donate shop only at 4th day of server Dynasty Armors will be added into donate shop after 3 weeks LIST WILL BE UPDATED Grand Bosses Respawn: Valakas Everyday 23:00 - 23:30 Antharas Everyday 22:00 - 22:30 Baium Everyday 21:00 - 21:30 Zaken Everyday 20:00 - 20:30 Queen Ant Everyday 19:00 - 19:30
  17. Hello, you must register your clan in this form: - Clan's name - Leader's name - Expected member's count
  18. In order to participate in 100$ reward for castle siege win you must register your clan/party here. Clan Name: Administration Leader Name: =Admin= Expected Members: 9+
  19. #OneTouch

    Мне нужно знать имя вашего лидера, чтобы наградить вас
  20. LostFighterS

    Hello, you need to register your clan in this from: - Clan's name - Leader's name - Expected member's count