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    International CLAN : EN/ RU/ LTU Only With Discord or TS . Everyone are Welcome, Only 2 Conditions : 1. 18+ 2. Discord/TS - Clan's name AlwaysGangsta - Leader's name egzecutOr - Expected member's count 20
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    Bug Fixes: Reworked Movement and Attacking systems. Fixed disconnects on mass pvp, (f1 hold problem) Fixed auto attack stop bug Fixed Heal Life Cubic Fixed siege skills are added on subclass change (dont need to restart) Fixed Tournament 3x3 Event stuck Changes / Updates: Max allowed Bishops in party - 2 Added Grand Bosses (Queen Ant, Baium, Zaken, Antharas, Valakas) Grand Bosses drop: 1 Dynasty Armor part 100% Pvp Zone now changing every 1 hour Added PvP Coins Extreme Scrolls from shop now requires PvP Coins Added +100 pDef/mDef accessories, price - Pvp Coins/ Event Medals/ Adena Vote Buff now adds only +1k HP Extreme Accessories now adds +200 pDef/mDef, +1k HP Removed crystall scrolls from donate shop Hero from donate shop 2 weeks - 40dc For ever - 80dc Removed Conversion SA weapon Extreme Weapons & Apella armors will be added into donate shop only at 4th day of server Dynasty Armors will be added into donate shop after 3 weeks LIST WILL BE UPDATED Grand Bosses Respawn: Valakas Everyday 23:00 - 23:30 Antharas Everyday 22:00 - 22:30 Baium Everyday 21:00 - 21:30 Zaken Everyday 20:00 - 20:30 Queen Ant Everyday 19:00 - 19:30
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    Clan Name:TheFrozenEmpire Clan Leader:K4m3NoS Expected member's: 25 +
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    Clan Name: LosMuertos Clan Leader:dared3vil Expected member's: 20+
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    List will be updated everyday. - Added auction house (you can sell / buy equipment for donate coins) you will be able to find it at community board - Life Stones will work like scrolls, double click and select weapon you wish to augment - Fixed bow attack range (now retail like) - Fixed tyrant totem skills (now it adds effects only with fists) - Fixed Mystic Immunity skill - Fixed bug with using macro and getting stuck on olympiad - Fixed bug with removing main armor on class change - Fixed Day of Doom skill - Fixed when you are invulnerable you can't get debuffs/cancels - Augment skills bonus on olympiad will be same as outsite (it was static) - Restricted Heroic Miracle from tournament event - Will be added limit on bosses/epics of parties (still can't decide yet for set limit 2 or 3 parties) - Max alliences only 1 (for crest) - Max clan members 40 (not sure about this too yet) - Implemented interface with damage on screen and showing enemies HP/CP - Changed Deathmach event zone cause of critical errors| - Day of Doom applies only on enemies, and not cleansable anymore - To use mass gloom you don't need summon - Purification Field casting reduced to 1 sec - Removing bow with snipe removes buff - Cancellation return buff after 20sec Will be updated
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    Updates: Dynasty armors added into normal raid bosses with 10% chance of drop Increased raid bosses respawn time to 30-60 min Added new Tattoo which combines all tattooes stats into one and +1k HP (price 10k Event Medals, 40 Gold Bars) Party Zone now opens everyday 10:00, 13:00, 17:00, 21:00, 01:00 for 2 hours Removed Cholera buff from buffer Oly Stuff: Summon Nightshade are now enchantable Increased sacrifice skill enchanted power Fixed summon life cubic bug Fixed drain hp from meele damage Increased Elemental Heal enchanted power Reworked all summons stats More things will be done, list will be updated
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    Leader: EOn Clan name: Destruction Expected Members: 15+
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    Out of curiosity I ask if any Polish clan will play here : :)
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    Yaaay free PvP points 😊
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    Clan name: EREBOR Clan Leader: Thorin Members: 2pt
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    Clan name: Special Forces Clan Leader: Snooplove Expected Members: 18+
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    Ev0LuTioN expected members 20+ Leader name : dRaG
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    Clan name:CapitalMusic Clan Leader:Skive Expected Members:10+
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    Clan ReunioN Lider: Crouch Membros: 13
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    Clã: MORTALSHOOTERS Líder: Hallow33n Membros: 15 +
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    - Clan's name: sexyside - Leader's name: followme - Expected member's count: 27+
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    Clan name: LivingLegends Clan leader : EragoN EragoN Alfa Hotty DaN ESCOBAR DoctorDoom Esagerato Pwnagee Craker Skills AndyMoor ... +7 players more expect these Good luck everyone see you soon ! No Racism ! We need this slogaan these days <3
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    Clan name: GlobalOffansive Leader: Jamiraquain Players: 15+
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    New Updates on server: Restricted custom items and augments in party zone Players Cannot heal anymore the mobs in party zone Edited mobs stats Boosted donate coins drop on party zone Remove drain hp from party zone Added donate coins on solo farming areas with 1% chance Added donate coins on pvp zone for killing players with 2% chance Increased dynasty armor drop rate from normal raidbosses from 10% to 20%
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    - Clan's name: BossySide - Leader's name: ImSorry - Expected member's count: 9+
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    add me on discrod Sp1ky#0105
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    Hello guys, my clan will join our favorite server for 100% 30-35 ppl will join
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    Hi i am 28yold, playing since c3. I from Poland but speak English aswell. I used to play all kind of nukers/archers/titan. Main class PW. If any clan recruting lmk. Greetings!
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    Clan Name: Immonylarr Leader Name: Pioneer Expected Members: 15+
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    expected ppl number 9+
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