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    List will be updated everyday. - Added auction house (you can sell / buy equipment for donate coins) you will be able to find it at community board - Life Stones will work like scrolls, double click and select weapon you wish to augment - Fixed bow attack range (now retail like) - Fixed tyrant totem skills (now it adds effects only with fists) - Fixed Mystic Immunity skill - Fixed bug with using macro and getting stuck on olympiad - Fixed bug with removing main armor on class change - Fixed Day of Doom skill - Fixed when you are invulnerable you can't get debuffs/cancels - Augment skills bonus on olympiad will be same as outsite (it was static) - Restricted Heroic Miracle from tournament event - Will be added limit on bosses/epics of parties (still can't decide yet for set limit 2 or 3 parties) - Max alliences only 1 (for crest) - Max clan members 40 (not sure about this too yet) - Implemented interface with damage on screen and showing enemies HP/CP - Changed Deathmach event zone cause of critical errors| - Day of Doom applies only on enemies, and not cleansable anymore - To use mass gloom you don't need summon - Purification Field casting reduced to 1 sec - Removing bow with snipe removes buff - Cancellation return buff after 20sec Will be updated
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    Clan name:Caldo Leader:KaTriNa Members:18