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  1. L2 Extreme Opening

    Hello dear Lineage2 community, We would like to introduce you the most complete pvp server of 2020 is coming back! Opening Date: 2020/01/31 at 20:00 GMT+2 (Europe) , 15:00 UTC-3 (America) What awaits you in the server? Largest international high rate community (expecting 1000+ players online) Best bot protection - no corruption - 100% fair gameplay DDos protection guarantee for us 100% uptime Many international clans (server cp/clan based) New Features Also will added in this New Season. More Coming Soon
  2. Street Gang

    Hello, you must register your clan in this form: - Clan's name - Leader's name - Expected member's count
  3. In order to participate in 100$ reward for castle siege win you must register your clan/party here. Clan Name: Administration Leader Name: =Admin= Expected Members: 9+
  4. #OneTouch

    Мне нужно знать имя вашего лидера, чтобы наградить вас
  5. LostFighterS

    Hello, you need to register your clan in this from: - Clan's name - Leader's name - Expected member's count