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  3. Streamers / Content Creators

    Hello Guys. This is a thread for those who stream on facebook or twitch. If you are a streamer or content creator let us know if you want to stream daily the server and your gameplay. You must stream daily 4hours, if you stream more is your benefit. You must enable your vods so we can see them either on facebook or twitch.At the end of the week you will receive some Donate coins for your reward.So you can receive weekly donate coins and that depends on you. You can speak with me or admin here or ingame or in facebook. This 4 hours you must stream Gameplay and not be afk Attention: You must warn us before you start stream something else so we can remove your channel from the website. PS . Your Donate coins will be rewarded in the end of every week when we check that you stream the server those hours and you enabled previous videos on your channel. If someone dont do that there will be no reward.
  4. Clan Register Event

    - Clan's name : FnF - Leader's name : TheMachine - Expected member's count : 9+
  5. Clan Register Event

    - Clan's name: AVGaming - Leader's name: Ntanniel - Expected member's count: 9+
  6. Clan Register Event

    clan name : Destruction Leader name: dRaG expected member's 9+
  7. Clan Register Event

    - Clan's name: AgionOros - Leader's name: XristodouloS - Expected member's count: 9+
  8. New Season

    Be Ready for the new Season Opening Today. Get Ready for new changes new epic bosses and MASS PVP. Enjoy previous season Video
  9. Yoo

    Clan YooMen EiRiNa 20 Members
  10. Ro/En Clan

    Hello guys, I'm looking for players who join the server and do not have an already designed clan..I want to build a fun english speaking clan who will be actively participating in all events ( I'm not the freak that puts the game in front of real life ). About me: 28y/o, Romanian, IT dude, playing L2 since forever. Feel free to drop me a message if you'd like to play together. I'll update this post later with ingame contact info. Thanks for reading, Jerry
  11. Out of curiosity I ask if any Polish clan will play here : :)
  12. AceOfSpades

    - Clan's name : AceOfSpades - Leader's name: PowerOfDreams / TheOrk / QueenOfDestiny (didn't decide yet) - Expected member's count: 9+
  13. ApattyEffect

    Clan name: ApattyEffect Clan leader: PaSi Members: Just need 9. Some videos
  14. Clan that takes Aden Castle will get 100$ (paypal), same for Rune Castle. In total 200$ reward for clans Write Under This Posts announcing the following: - Clan's name - Leader's name - Expected member's count Requirements of winning our prizes: - 9+ unique members (will be checked) - Clans cannot be duplicated Reward: - 8 Clan Level - Full clan skill Write Under This Posts Your Clan Name and your Members
  15. New Season Changelog

    Bug Fixes: Reworked Movement and Attacking systems. Fixed disconnects on mass pvp, (f1 hold problem) Fixed auto attack stop bug Fixed Heal Life Cubic Fixed siege skills are added on subclass change (dont need to restart) Fixed Tournament 3x3 Event stuck Changes / Updates: Max allowed Bishops in party - 2 Added Grand Bosses (Queen Ant, Baium, Zaken, Antharas, Valakas) Grand Bosses drop: 1 Dynasty Armor part 100% Pvp Zone now changing every 1 hour Added PvP Coins Extreme Scrolls from shop now requires PvP Coins Added +100 pDef/mDef accessories, price - Pvp Coins/ Event Medals/ Adena Vote Buff now adds only +1k HP Extreme Accessories now adds +200 pDef/mDef, +1k HP Removed crystall scrolls from donate shop Hero from donate shop 2 weeks - 40dc For ever - 80dc Removed Conversion SA weapon Extreme Weapons & Apella armors will be added into donate shop only at 4th day of server Dynasty Armors will be added into donate shop after 3 weeks LIST WILL BE UPDATED Grand Bosses Respawn: Valakas Everyday 23:00 - 23:30 Antharas Everyday 22:00 - 22:30 Baium Everyday 21:00 - 21:30 Zaken Everyday 20:00 - 20:30 Queen Ant Everyday 19:00 - 19:30
  16. DoQuixoteFamily

    Lf 6barcher and 2 bps for cp and clan pm me at DoFlammingo or leave message here.i am willing to help for gear and rb jewels etc I will wait for you. Thank you in advanced -Leader of DoQuixoteFamily -DoFlammingo
  17. Clan DoQuixoteFamily

    Lf 6barcher and 2 bps for cp and clan pm me at DoFlammingo or leave message here.i am willing to help for gear and rb jewels etc I will wait for you. Thank you in advanced -Leader of DoQuixoteFamily -DoFlammingo
  18. Clan DoQuixoteFamily

    Up and recruiting
  19. Clan Name: Zalupkes Leader Name: Bumblebee Expected Members: All of them.. Vaziuojam publika
  20. Yakuza

    Clan Name:Yakuza Leaders name:SuckerForPa1n Expected members 9+ looking for hitmans
  21. Clan DoQuixoteFamily

    Clan DoQuixoteFamily will be there. Leader DoFlammingo Status:recruiting members 9+
  22. DeStRuctioN

    King of Hell DragMaster!!!
  23. Looking for Clan/Party

    Looking for active, non retarded Clan/Party, can play anything
  24. Eternity

    Clan Eternity Will Be There Clan Members 9+ Name of clan Leader FoxeD We wait every clan her
  25. Rom3osss

    Clan Leader: Rom3osss Clan Name: EternalRage Player: 20/25
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