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    • Hello Guys.  This is a thread for those who stream on facebook or twitch. If you are a streamer or content creator let us know if you want to stream daily the server and your gameplay. You must stream daily 4hours, if you stream more is your benefit. You must enable your vods so we can see them either on facebook or twitch.At the end of the week you will receive some Donate coins for your reward.So you can receive weekly donate coins and that depends on you. You can speak with me or admin here or ingame or in facebook. This 4 hours you must stream Gameplay and not be afk Attention: You must warn us before you start stream something else so we can remove your channel from the website. PS . Your Donate coins will be rewarded in the end of every week when we check that you stream the server those hours and you enabled previous videos on your channel. If someone dont do that there will be no reward.  
    • thanks for your suggestion, I decided to remove completely cholera buff  p.s. update will be in few days
    • trick/switch fixed, it will be on server next changeset
    • I address you everything you say. I dont try to fight also so dont worry . I can understand that dagger is useless in mass pvp with clan's but believe me in 1v1 and in pvp zone dagger is the class you can play. Backstab works when you hit someone to the back and have chances to land dmg when you hit someone from the side.  Now aboyt switch and trick if you play dagger nowdays this is 2 skills that you must spam all the time so they can work. Dagger is class nowdays that need more hands than 1 archer. You must know we cant do anything about interfaces . Nowdays everyone use interfaces with auto assist and many other uses. So my point is i talk to you now like a player and not like GM cause i am not the owner of the server. Daggers in this server are the best class for 1v1 or use them on pvp zone but with correct augments correct buffs correct dyes. I dont know your playstyle so.  Daggers in high pvp rate servers you cant use them on MASS PVP with clans is impossible in every server you go. In a high rate pvp server every class has his use. I check many daggers in pvp zone right now that they own everyone how you can tell that dagger is useless.
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